Webserver Runs on Android Phone

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Android, the favored cell phone OS, is basically simply Linux with a pleasant consumer interface layer overlaying all of it up. In idea, it ought to be capable of do something a traditional laptop operating Linux may do. And, since most net servers on the earth are operating Linux, [PelleMannen] figured his Android cellphone may run an internet server simply in addition to some other Linux machine and built this webpage that’s currently running on a smartphone, with an extra Reddit post for a bit extra dialogue.

The cellphone makes use of Termux (which we’ve written about briefly before) to get to a Bash shell on the Android system. Earlier than that occurs, although, some setup must happen largely involving putting in F-Droid by way of which Termux might be put in. From there the usual SSH and Apache servers might be put in as if the cellphone have been operating a traditional Linux The remainder of the set up includes tricking the cellphone into pondering it’s a full-fledged laptop together with quite a lot of issues to maintain the cellphone from halting execution when the display screen locks and different phone-specific points.

With every part up and operating, [PelleMannen] reviews that it runs surprisingly nicely with the small ARM system outputting nearly no warmth. Because the venture web page is being hosted on this cellphone we are able to’t assure that the hyperlink above works, although, and it would get a couple of too many requests to remain on-line. We want it have been a bit simpler to get our pocket-sized computer systems to behave in related methods to our common laptops and PCs (even when they don’t have fairly the identical quantity of energy) however for those who’re dead-set on repurposing an outdated cellphone we’ve also seen them used to great effect in place of a Raspberry Pi.

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