Sort of Electromagnet Attracts Copper, Aluminum

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It’s a frequent grade college experiment to wind some wire round a screw, energy it up, and watch it choose up paper clips or different ferrous supplies. Additionally it is grade college science to indicate that neither an electromagnet nor a everlasting magnet will choose up nonferrous objects like copper or aluminum. Whereas technically not an electromagnet, it’s potential to construct a similar device that will weakly pull on copper and aluminum, and [Cylo] exhibits us the way it works in a latest video you may see under.

The gadget certain appears to be like like an electromagnet made with magnet wire and a metal core. However when he exhibits the ends of the core, you’ll see that the facet that pulls aluminum has a copper ring embedded in it. The coil is fed with AC.

The magnetic area from the coil induces an reverse area within the copper ring that’s out of part with the thrilling area. The 2 fields mix to provide a pressure on the steel it interacts with. That is also known as a shaded pole, and the identical method may also help AC motors self-start in addition to maintain in relays pushed by AC. If you wish to see way more about aluminum floating on a magnetic area, try the 1975 video from [Professor Laithwaite] within the second video under.

You most likely have a shaded pole AC motor in your microwave oven. Or, possibly,your old 8-track player.

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