Cosmic Ray Detection at Starbucks?

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Wish to see cosmic rays? You may want loads of costly unique gear. Nah. [The ActionLab] reveals how a cup of espresso or cocoa can show you cosmic rays — or one thing — with simply the appropriate lighting angle. Little bubbles on the floor of the recent liquid have a tendency to fade in a manner that appears as if one thing exterior and quick is spreading throughout the floor.

To check the concept that is from some exterior supply, he takes a smoke detector with a radioactive sensor and locations it close to the espresso. That didn’t appear to have any impact. Nevertheless, a Whimhurst machine within the neighborhood does create an enormous change within the liquid. Should you don’t have a Whimhurst machine, you’ll be able to rub a balloon in your neighbor’s cat.

We aren’t fully positive this impact is from cosmic rays and we expect nobody is definitely positive. There have been scientific papers written. What do you assume? Is it convection? Cosmic rays? Or perhaps simply electrical expenses. Put a cup on and begin experimenting.

If you wish to reliably see cosmic rays, construct a cloud chamber. All you actually need is a plastic bottle.

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