A Stirling Engine From Minimal Parts

A Stirling Engine From Minimal Parts post thumbnail image

The mannequin Stirling engine is a staple of novelty catalogues, and we daresay that have been it not for his or her excessive worth there is likely to be multiple Hackaday reader or author who may personal one. All is just not misplaced although, as a result of [jirka.luftner] has posted one on Instructables which eschews the fancy machined brass of the commercial models and achieves the identical outcome with an array of salvaged components.

The primary cylinder is a former apple drops tin with a cardboard displacer, and the CD/DVD flywheel is mounted on both a 3D printed or reduce out body with the secondary cylinder reduce into it. A diaphragm for the secondary cylinder is taken from a rubber glove, and the cranks come courtesy of bent wire.

A slight thriller of this design is that it seems to not have a regenerator, or warmth retailer. This often lies within the path between the 2 cylinders to enhance effectivity by taking the warmth from the air because it passes in-between the 2, and returning it when it goes the opposite method. We’re guessing that on an engine this small it’s the tin itself which performs this operate. Both method it is a neat little engine that shouldn’t break the financial institution.

If this has whetted your urge for food, you’ll be happy to listen to it’s not the primary Stirling engine we’ve seen made from what was lying around.

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