2024 Home Sweet Home Automation: SMS Controlled Heating

2024 Home Sweet Home Automation: SMS Controlled Heating post thumbnail image

Hackaday.io person [mabe42] works throughout the week away from their house metropolis and rents a small residence domestically to make this life sensible. Nevertheless, the heating system, a night-storage system, just isn’t so sensible. They wanted a method to remotely management the unit in order that the place was liveable after an extended winter commute; missing web connectivity, they devised a smart answer to create an SMS-controlled remote heating controller.

The controller runs atop an previous Raspberry Pi B inside a 3D-printed case. Seeing such an previous board given an actual job to do is sweet. Connectivity is through a USB UMTS stick which handles the SMS over the mobile community. The controller knob for the heater thermostat (not proven) is hooked up through a toothed belt to a pully and a 28BYJ-48 5V geared stepper motor. Temperature measurement is through the ever present DS1820 module which hooks straight as much as the I2C bus on the Pi with no fuss.

The software program is constructed on high of Gammu, which handles the interface to the UMTS gadget. Every day and historic temperature ranges are despatched through SMS so [mabe42] can determine how you can configure the heating earlier than their arrival. The remainder of the software program stack is in Python, as per this (German-language) GitHub project.

Whereas we have been desirous about storage heating techniques (and the way a lot of a ache they’re), we got here throughout this demonstration of how to build one yourself.

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