2024 Home Sweet Home Automation: [HEX]POD – Climate Tracker and Digital Nose

2024 Home Sweet Home Automation: [HEX]POD – Climate Tracker and Digital Nose post thumbnail image

[eBender] was travelling India with associates, when one bought sick. Unable to discover a thermometer wherever throughout COVID, they lastly ended up in a hospital. After being evacuated again house, [eBender] hatched an concept to create a transportable gadget that includes a couple of journey necessities: the flexibility to measure physique temperature and coronary heart fee, an influence financial institution and an illumination supply. The scope developed rather a lot, with the idea being to create a studying platform for environmental multi-sensor fusion. The current cut-down development kit hosts simply the air high quality measurement parts, however growth from this base shouldn’t be too exhausting.

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ML for Hackers: Fiddle with that Tensor Circulate

This undertaking’s execution is great, with a hexagon-shaped enclosure and PCBs stacked inside. As everybody is aware of, hexagons are the bestagons. The platform presently hosts SCD41 and SGP41 sensors for air high quality, a BME688 for gasoline detection, LTR-308 for ambient gentle and movement, and lots of temperature sensors.

On high sits a 1.69-inch IPS LCD, with an OLED show on the aspect for always-on visualization. The consumer interface is accomplished with a joystick and a few buttons. An inner blower fan is ducted across the sensor array to drag not-so-fresh air from exterior for analysis. Management is courtesy of an ESP32 module, with the gory particulars buried deep within the intensive undertaking logs, which present sensors and different elements being swapped out and in.

On the software program aspect, some preliminary work is being carried out on coaching TensorFlow to study the sensor fusion inputs. That is no easy activity. Lastly, we might have a whole package deal if [eBender] might supply a hexagonal LCD to showcase that hexagon-orientated GUI. Nevertheless, we doubt such a factor exists, which is a disgrace.

There are a lot of air high quality sensors available on the market now, so we see a couple of hacks primarily based on them, like this simple AQ sensor hub. Let’s not neglect the significance of environmental CO2 detection; right here’s something to get you started.

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